Carley Randall

Branding, Squarespace Website


Building a lifestyle brand to start her dream business as a hair and makeup artist.

Carley Randall is a hair and makeup artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. After completing cosmetology school and working in a salon, she realized that starting her own business was the dream. I am lucky to be helping her start her business with a solid foundation, in order to reach her target audience sooner, with confidence and clarity.

In order for Carley's brand to grow and expand with her into the future, I designed a timeless logo mark that focuses on her first and middle initials. We reduced her original idea, Carley Randall Beauty, into a brand centered on her identity, rather than a business name that felt limiting or redundant.

The logo is just the start of establishing her lifestyle brand for women who seek radiant confidence and beauty.


Austin Gros — photography